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The name of Elizabeth Bathory is associated with blood and fear. But now, few centuries later her story seems to receive a thrilling continuation. Get down to the bottom of the legend and save your sister in Bathory: The Bloody Countess, an eerie hidden object puzzle game. Dare to enter the world where myth and fantasy are interwoven, where heathen beliefs and rituals are still a commonplace. Challenge your i-spy skills as you decipher secret messages and uncover ancient manuscripts. Explore mesmerizing locations of a remote village lost in the Carpathians and search for clues in beautifully drawn seek-and-find scenes. Collect gold coins and buy various goods to help you crack the mind-twisting riddles and escape the deadly contraptions of the medieval keep. Stop the blood rite before something darker than the myth itself comes to life in Bathory: The Bloody Countess, a haunted hidden object adventure game.
Bathory: The Bloody Countess

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