Spyware Detector Year

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Spyware Detector Software – Detect, Clean, Protect Windows PC For 3 year

Spyware Detector is antispyware software that helps to detect, clean, delete and remove spyware,adware, malware and trojan and any other spyware from your Windows PC

Scans, quarantines and deletes spywares, allows recovery as well, can be scheduled to scan automatically at regular intervals
Scans memory for active pests and kills the processes
Deletes cookies
Checks and removes pests from registry and start-up areas
Downloads and installs updates automatically on availability
Saves all pest-related events in an easy-to-read log file
Blocks bad web sites cookies, BHOs and active X installed on your PC
Takes important Registry back-up and recovery to restore in emergency
Max Spyware Detector

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