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2010 Report on China Blood Products Industry

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Published Date: Nov, 2010
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In 2009, Chinese blood products market valued nearly RMB7 billion and it will continue to expand in the next two or three years. The main reasons include:

 The demand from the downstream of China blood products industry keeps growing.
 China has a large population, and the aging of which grows obviously severe
 The indications of blood products are increasing.

Due to the strong demand for albumin in China, the product structure of blood products in China distinguishes from foreign product structure which is dominated by coagulation factor. In 2009, in the product structure of blood products in China, albumin accounted for 68%, intravenous gammaglobulin 21% and coagulation factor 9%.

Product Structure of Blood Products in China, 2009

By the end of 2009, 33 Chinese manufacturers of blood products had obtained GMP certification, with the annual plasma volume of around 3,500 tons totally. However, only Hualan Biological Engineering Ltd, Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Co., Ltd, Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co., Ltd, Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Sino Biopharmaceutical Limited and CNBG Shanghai Institute of Biological Products have the annual plasma volume of over 300 tons respectively.

Hualan Biological Engineering Ltd, as a leading enterprise in China blood products industry, owns a lot of plasma stations and relatively abundant plasma resources with high utilization rate and many varieties. As of October 2010, Hualan Biological Engineering Ltd had had 18 plasma stations, including 13 plasma collection stations in operation, one being examined, 3 under construction and one to be built.

From January to August of 2010, human serum albumin, intravenous human immunoglobulin, tetanus human immunoglobulin, hepatitis B immunoglobulin, human immunoglobulin, human prothrombin complex, rabies immunoglobulin and human clotting Factor VIII of Hualan Biological Engineering Ltd were approved by National Institute for the Control of Pharmaceutical And Biological Products, with the total release volume of 2.272 million bottles.
2010 Report on China Blood Products Industry

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