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SMS Reception Center (@Sw4me) SmsRc Full Version

Programmable autoprocessor for incoming SMS messages. It can do many things when a message arrives: send e-mail, run a program, update ODBC-compatible database, submit a form to a web-server…

SmsRc uses a mobile phone or GSM modem attached to your PC to send and receive messages. SMS gateway may be used too.

SmsRc contains built-in SMTP server which will forward e-mail messages as SMS to one or multiple recipients.

The shareware (evaluation) version is fully functional, so you may test all the features that you need. The only limitation is imposed on the number of incoming SMS messages per one service session (the counter is reset when you restart the service).

Thus if you don’t need to handle a lot of SMS messages, you can continue to use the program for FREE, enjoying its full power and flexibility.
SMS Reception Center

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