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MySQL Documentor | Database Dashboards | KPI Dashboards | InfoCaptor Desktop Full Version

Free Online Dashboard – Social Media Analytics and Business Intelligence Dashboards. Build Executive Dashboards, Monitor KPIs and Scorecards. Dashboard for CEO, CFO, CIO and every employee and customer in the organization.Google Analytics,Metrics from Facebook,Twitter,Google plus,pagerank,pagespeed,Alexa,Feedburner,Github and more. Database support for Access, Excel, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server,DB2,PostgreSQL,SQLite.

Keep track of newly created objects (tables, views, procedures etc)
Keep track of latest updates to existing objects
Keep your documentation upto date and in-sync with your development
Create comprehensive or brief documents that are easy to navigate and follow through
Reduce the time and cost needed for documenting your MySQL databases
No more manual update or regeneration of Documents
Easily create and manage your solution knowledgebase and publish it to end-users
MySQL Documentor

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