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MessLess Inventory Management Software – About Full Version

You might have already tried to work with some other Inventory Management Software, but none of them fitted your needs. One program lacks additional fields to add a product description, another one does not provide you with a necessary type of tax and the third one does not allow you to import the currency rates from the Internet.

In contrast to these programs, MessLess includes 6 visual editors that let you fully customize the program to meet your needs, and you will not have to ask high-priced programmers for help. When we say “fully”, we do not mean that you will only be able to add your logo or change the company address, fonts and reports – you can really re-create the program including the database structure, forms, queries, scripts and so on.

The main tool is Form Designer that helps create new forms and change existing ones. Do you want to store additional pictures for goods? Open Form Designer and add as many image fields as you need. Do you need to keep records on shipment expenses? Create a new form, add necessary fields onto it, automate calculations using math formulas and add a relation to the order form.

What standard operations will be available in your database?

– Tracking inventory, orders, suppliers, clients, receipts, expenditure and so on;
– Barcode scanners support;
– Invoice printout;
– Support of multiuser work over the network with customizable access rights;
– Direct work with scanners and cameras;
– Ability to store file attachments for each record.

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