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Hansoft – Matrix Calculator, Calculate Matrix with ease Full Version

Matrix Calculator Pro is a practical windows software to calculate matrix supporting for real and complex numbers. Calculates transpose, determinant, trace, rank, inverse, pseudoinverse, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Performs LU, Cholesky, QR, Singular value decomposition.

“Matrix calculator Pro ” is a practical math tool to calculator matrice. As you see, it’s easy, various, and effectual. Download and try it.


Matrix inverse.
Matrix transpose.

Largest component.
Smallest component.
Matrix or vector norm.

Sum of diagonal elements.

Matrix rank.

QR factorization. Orthogonal-triangular decomposition.
LU factorization.

Cholesky factorization.

Singular value decomposition.

<+> Plus.
<-> Minus.
<*> Matrix multiply.
<.*> Array multiply.
Slash or right matrix divide.
<./> Right array divide.
<&> Element-wise logical AND.
<|> Element-wise logical OR.
<#> Logical EXCLUSIVE OR
<^> Matrix power.
Matrix Calculator Pro

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