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File Recovery – undelete files and documents with free preview Professional License

Locate and undelete files and documents with free preview / File Recovery

Find and recover lost and deleted files easily and automatically with Mareew File Recovery. Empty Recycle Bin? Deleted files? Overwritten documents? Mareew File Recovery can handle the most difficult cases, bringing file recovery onto a new level.

What makes it possible for Mareew File Recovery to operate is the fact that even the files that were deleted and removed from the Recycle Bin are still there on the hard disk, waiting to be recovered. File recovery is generally possible if space occupied by those files has not been overwritten. What makes Mareew File Recovery is the ability to restore latest versions of office documents even if some parts of them were overwritten. Mareew File Recovery thoroughly scans your entire hard disk in order to find traces of what could be parts of office documents, digital pictures and data archives in order to make the best possible reconstruction and complete the file recovery.

Still not convinced? Try Mareew File Recovery for absolutely free! The free version will scan your disk and show you what files can be recovered. Not only that, but it’ll also display a complete preview of files that can be recovered before actually saving them to the disk!

Mareew File Recovery is developing rapidly, with new features added every week. Being on the edge of file recovery technologies, Mareew File Recovery was one of the first products compatible with latest versions of FAT and NTFS, as well as new features found in Windows Vista. Recover files from hard drives, digital cameras, memory cards and USB flash equally easy with Mareew File Recovery! Recover deleted files while they’re still fresh with your own free copy of Mareew File Recovery !
Mareew File Recovery

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