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Recover files and data from corrupted NTFS disks Business License

Recover NTFS partitions and entire hard disks quickly and easily!

Crashed partitions? Inaccessible hard drives? Recover corrupted disks and fix damaged partitions and file systems with Mareew Disk Recovery! Unlike Windows scandisk, Mareew Disk Recovery can repair drives and partitions that are seriously damaged without affecting your data. The disk recovery process is entirely automatic and easy to use for anyone who can click ‘Next’ in a wizard. Recover hard disks, SD cards, CompactFlash, xD and MMC cards, SONY Memory Sticks and USB flash memory easily and automatically with Mareew Disk Recovery.

Modern high-capacity hard drives are more reliable than ever, making hardware failures and corresponding loss of data much less possible than before. But did you know that a Windows crash or a faulty application can cause as much damage to you’re the files and data as faulty hardware? Software failures are much more common today due to the complexity of modern operating systems and applications. Protect yourself against data loss after a crash with Mareew Disk Recovery!

Mareew Disk Recovery scans through entire hard drives instead of only analyzing file systems and partition tables. Looking at entre disks allows finding FAT and NTFS volumes allows Mareew Disk Recovery to recover disks that were repartitioned or reformatted. Not using Windows for disk access ensures fast and reliable disk recovery.

Mareew Disk Recovery can restore access to inaccessible disks, recover file systems and fix corrupted partitions regardless of the size of your disks. Supporting all versions of FAT and NTFS up to the latest versions introduced in Windows Vista makes choosing a proper disk recovery tool easier. Advanced disk recovery features leave you no other choice but Mareew Disk Recovery. Download a free copy right now from to get the best chances of successful disk recovery!
Mareew Disk Recovery

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