Magicure Professional Lifetime License

Make Your PC Crash-proof with MagiCure Professional, the next-generation Restore-And-Repair software application that can instantly undo all your PC problems!

MagiCure Professional runs quietly in the background, acting like a “smart guard” that protects your entire computer. If your PC should ever run into any kind of trouble, MagiCure Professional will rewind it to a previously healthy state in seconds, instantly undoing and repairing all your PC’s problems. Whether the problem was caused by a virus, Trojan infection, worm, Registry problems, software corruption – you name it, MagiCure Professional can solve it!

With MagiCure Professional, you can say goodbye to hours of frustration, data loss, software reinstallations, and money wasted on service calls – and whistle while you work!
MagiCure Professional 9.1

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