Lets Talk Marni Darrah Live Tele Conference

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How do you know if she wants to be kissed or not? Using the Kissing Code you have four warnings to show she doesn’t and four signals to show she does.

1.5 hr, recorded teleconference with Sexpert and Wing Girl Darrah de Jour. Marni and Darrah discuss every man’s most pressing questions about sex and sensuality.

Questions like:

– How to avoid performance anxiety
– How to calm a woman so that she is open to doing what you want in the bedroom
– Does size matter?
– How to properly use a small penis
– How to touch a woman (how long, where to touch)
– How to escalate to sex
– How to talk about safe sex
– Can all women have vaginal orgasms?
– What to do after sex
– How to have 1 night stands
Lets Talk Sex w Marni & Darrah

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