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Joomla RSS submitter will manage and submit ANY RSS feeds you have. That means that you can use it for submitting your joomla rss feed but you can use it for any of your other feeds that not necessarily on your joomla site, but elsewhere. It is one of the most important methods to use to get your site higher and higher positioned in the search engines results like Google and bing.

What are RSS Feeds?
RSS feeds are like your news page that tells the world about what’s new about you and your site.

RSS Feeds and Search engine Optimization.
If you are not so familiar with the world of search engines optimization, or just started, you should now couple of facts:

* Search engines like Google and Bing LOVE new text especially news from new sites
* Search engines therefore LOVE RSS feeds sites and they visit them on daily and sometimes on hourly bases to get new information.
* As soon as the search engines got the new updates of the rss feeds from the rss sites, they will follow the links in the rss feeds and visit that site.
[joomla rss submitter component]
* That site is YOUR SITE.
* The more you write on your site, the more your RSS feed will grow. The more you will update the rss submission sites the more search engines will com to visit you. The more they will come to visit you, the more they will like you.
* You will get higher and higher in the search results on search engines.
* You will get more and more links from the RSS aggregators sites and from the search engines.
* You will get more traffic to your site
* Readers will subscribe to you RSS feeds which will again gives you more traffic.

So you can see that having rss feeds on your sites and submitting them are extremely important for your search engines optimization and your position on the search engines.

Joomla RSS Submitter Features
* Add any rss feed you have.
* RSS aggregators – Build in and ready to submit to (rss news sites that search engines like and visit). We add the most important and most visited aggregators.
* Add aggregators – You can manually add new rss aggregators (There are many of them on the internet)
* Updater that tells you the stats of the rss feed: Total articles, new articles, last check…
* Categories and group your feeds.
* “One button” rss submission of ALL you rss feeds to ALL the rss aggregators.
* Submission log that will show you the results of each rss feed and each rss aggregator submission.
Joomla RSS Submitter

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