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INSPIRED TEAM – Team Building, Teamwork Training, Innovation Team Presentation, Self-Learning materials  (Mini-course by Vadim Kotelnikov, PowerPoint download) ITs

Team vs. Group; Building a Team Culture; Make Everybody a Team Player; Winning Team: 1 + 6 Intertwined Pillars; Characteristics of a Winning Team; 5 Keys To Team Success; Indisputable Laws of Teamwork; Nine Roles of a Team Leader; Virtual Teams: Benefits and Challenges; Leading Innovation: Inspire Your Team; Nourish the Entrepreneurial Spirit Create Hot Teams, Not Dull Teams; Best Practices: IDEO’s Hot Studio System; Harness the Power of Diversity; Cross-functional Teams: Key Tasks Engaging Cross-functional Teams; Empowering Cross-functional Teams; Best Practices: Innovation Teams at Quantum Cross-functional Teams: Recommendations Team Assessment

Make Everybody a Team Player

Winning Team: 1 + 6 Intertwined Pillars

Characteristics of a Winning Team

Leading Innovation: Inspire Your Team

Nourish the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Create Hot Teams, Not Dull Teams

Team Assessment
INSPIRED TEAM (smart e-course)

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