France Frankreich Skoda Amundsen Blaupunkt Software Full Version

France Frankreich Skoda Amundsen Blaupunkt Software Full Version preview. Click for more details

2012 Volkswagen RNS-310-Skoda (RNS Amundsen)-Seat (Seat Media System 2.0)-Blaupunkt FX v4.0 | Car Navigation DVD Maps Full Version

Blaupunkt FX v4.0 For Volkswagen RNS-310,Skoda (RNS Amundsen) and (Seat Media System 2.0) 2012   Deutschland FX 2012 SKODA RNS Amundsen Blaupunkt

100% Detailstrasennetz available for France.
Updates include lots of new information such as new streets, new residential areas, new traffic situations and much more.
Improve Updated TMC lists for France, the dynamic route guidance.
120000 Other Services in different categories as destination.

Unterstützte Navigationssysteme/Compatible:

Seat (Seat Media System 2.0)
Skoda (RNS Amundsen)
Volkswagen (RNS 310)

See below for compatible cars:
You will get 1x France + 1x Major roads of Europe (contains arterial routes of 38 European countries)
France/Frankreich FX 2012 SKODA RNS Amundsen Blaupunkt Software CD-4

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