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Bad Crystal Innovative software is a tool for fixing stuck pixels, removing screen burn, correctly calibrating screens for optimal performance and gaining the best possible picture. Already after 15 minutes defecting pixels is beginning to function again.
Bad Crystal is best a software solution that can fix stuck pixels, reduce screen burn-in and improve the quality of images displayed on a screen.
The Bad Crystal can also be used to reduce screen burn-in on plasma screens when run in Protraction of defect pixel mode.

Launch the “Monitor defective pixel” and position the window over the stuck pixel. After 10 minutes close window and observe the results. If the pixel remains stuck, then repeat the launch of “Monitor defective pixel” and leave the window up to 10 hours.

Warning: If your stuck pixel is live, then use next steep “System Live Pixel” this will finally recover stuck pixel

Launch the “Monitor of xxx” and Select the resolution of your screen, download and upload anim-screen on your mobile phone or iPod, PSP, PDA, iPhone and wait for some time (10-20 min)

Plasma TV & burn-in
Select in main menu program “Monitor defective pixel” -> Open and Burn File on CD-Disc. Use compact disc for playing for the your DVD-player. Follow the instructions on the disk.

Please note that completely removing screen burn-in is impossible but it will fade with time. The only way to equalise a screen image is to burn-in the parts of the screen that have had less use.
Bad Crystal 2.6

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