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CSV Converter to XLS, DBF, XML, HTML, SQL and more Personal License

CSV Converter allows you Convert CSV files to XLS, XLSX, XML, DBF, HTML, SQL, MySQL from GUI or command line. Download it Now!

Most databases use CSV files for data import because it is a very handy way of loading large amounts of data. However from time to time you may need to convert your CSV file into a file of some simple popular format like XLS or RTF. This often poses a problem. Fortunately this problem is going to have a very short life, since now you can use CSV Converter. What is this? This is an easy way of converting CSV files into a multitude of other file formats, including the DBF file format (Dbase III, Dbase IV, Visual Foxpro), the TXT file format, the HTML file format, the PRG file format (Clipper, Foxpro), the XML file format, the XLS file format (Excel files), the SQL file format and the RTF file format.

CSV Converter is very easy to use. It will sort out all your problems with converting. CSV Converter simply plucks all data out of the CSV and turns it into a nice list of data fields, ready to be saved to a multitude of formats. The program is designed as a step-by-step wizard, which makes conversion easy and visually clear. Great benefits of the program are an ability to set filters by an example (query by an example) and batch conversion support: you can run from both the command line and from the program itself. In other words, CSV Converter is an experienced “translator” from CSV to a variety of other data format languages.
Advanced CSV Converter

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