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AdminZilla Network Administrator – Remote control, Classroom Monitoring, Management License

AdminZilla Network Administrator – Desktop Remote Control, Security, Classroom Management, Surveillance, Internet blocking

The AdminZilla Network Administrator is a simple application that allows you to monitor live screens of remote computers.

You can take control of a remote computer by controlling the mouse and keyboard. This way, you can always watch what your students are doing and help them if needed. This turns the application into powerful classroom monitoring and classroom management software.

Several tools allow you to turn off, restart, lock, hibernate…. remote computers with one click.

Starting a program or showing a webpage on remote computers is easy.

You can see which applications are running on remote computers and stop them on all computers at once if needed.

Installation and use of the application is very easy since all of the functions can be accessed with a few taps.

Application provides you with a live picture of the remote computer screens. The live screen (due to some optimizations) does not use a high bandwidth, but even when the lower network bandwidth is required the refresh interval can be adjusted.

The remote computers’ screens are represented in the table with a customizable number of rows as thumbnails.
AdminZilla Network Administrator

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