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Act software : add-ons for ACT! by Sage – Abacus calculated fields ( calculate fields copy fields make calculations in contact group or company fields using over 80 supported functions ). Addon products for ACT! Contact Management software : ACT!2005, ACT!2006, ACT!2007, ACT!2008. Customer relationship management ( CRM ) software training, consulting, customization and support. [ SITE LICENSE ]

“Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!” allows ACT! users to calculate fields, copy fields, manipulate data and produce results dependant on the data within other fields all within a simple, easy to use interface. Make calculations in Contact, Group or Company fields using over 80 supported functions (mathematical, string, datetime, financial ), perform mortgage/loan calculations. Build conditional calculations ( scenarios ) using “IF” and “CASE” statements. Assign formula to a field – make a field automatically “calculated”.
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT!

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